Photo Ideas for Your Trip to El Nido A trip to El Nido is surely something you’d want to add to your Instagram grid. Here are some photo ideas for your trip to El Nido!

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Photo Ideas For Your Trip To El Nido

El Nido, Palawan is one of the most picturesque destinations in the Philippines. A trip to El Nido is surely something you’d want to add to your Instagram grid. So how exactly do you get the right angles? Where are the best spots to get the perfect shot? Here are some photo ideas for your trip to El Nido!


Are you bringing your energetic kids with you? Don’t worry, we know how to work with them. For kids who won’t stay still, go with the flow and get candid shots. Run along the beach and with the right photographer, you’ll get the perfect shot for your family photo!


Don’t forget to pack your best outfit! A showstopping coverup and your favorite beach hat are practical photoshoot-ready El Nido essentials. Even if you’re typically camera-shy, your tour photographers are ready to hype you up! Next thing you know, you’re getting a call from Vogue. *wink*


Here’s how you can get a good pic of El Nido’s blue waters! When the boats are at a decent speed, our tourist guides and photographers will invite you to sit on the boat's bow so you can have that perfect Instagram photo. 


Get a little more adventurous! Usually, when the boat is at a full stop, you can balance yourself on the boat’s outriggers. Those are the long sticks that hang off either side of the boat. This unique photo op is bound to get you more likes!


Yes, you can keep your moody aesthetic even if you’re at the beach. Even if you decide to book your El Nido package during the rainy season, that’s no excuse for you to sulk around. Make the most of the cloudy and misty weather! 


And for the Instagram photo that’s bound to get you a hundred likes: a drone shot of the barkada with the pristine El Nido waters. It’s tricky to get: get yourselves in a circle, hold each other’s hands, and float. For a tighter circle, pull your friends gently. Don’t worry, you’ll get a briefing when you get to it. 


With Destination Philippines, you can be assured that your travel memories will be kept in photographs and drone shots. Our El Nido tours come with photographer and drone services so you don’t have to worry about packing your cameras or finding a photographer. 

These tours include boat fees, packed lunch, a licensed tour guide, and hotel pick-up from the town proper! 


For Private tours, don't hesitate to contact us for a quote. For Joiners tours, here are our rates:

Tour A with photographer and drone - 2,599/pax (including Lagoon Fee)

Tour B with photographer and drone- 2,499/pax

Tour C with photographer  - 2,599/pax

Tour D with photographer and drone - 2,599/pax

GET ANY 2 TOURS with our Tour Bundle for 4,999/pax!*

*Fees not included

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