PPS to require negative RT-PCR test results from tourists The tourism stakeholders of Puerto Princesa have once again urged the city government to open its doors to domestic tourists

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Puerto Princesa To Require Negative RT-PCR Test Results From Tourists

Following adequate health protocols, the tourism stakeholders of Puerto Princesa have once again urged the city government to open its doors to domestic tourists. 

Assistant city tourism officer Toto Alvior said that this was the output from a multi-sectoral stakeholder meeting held on March 5, which was attended by members of the private sector and leaders of Community-Based Sustainable Tourism (CBST). 

Alvior then added that they are targeting to open the city's domestic tourism on March 15, with guidelines for tourists signed by the city mayor. 

With the new guidelines, tourists will need to download the StaySafe.PH mobile app to comply with contact tracing requirements and the S-PaSS for their booking confirmation details. 

Tourists also need to secure a negative RT-PCR test result, along with their arranged trip with an accredited travel agency. 

"Hindi pwedeng walk-in or DIY (do-it-yourself) tours. Ang travel agency kasi ang magsisilbing accountability nila," Alvior said in an interview. 

The assistant city tourism officer said that there will be other protocols that will be based on the standards of the Department of Tourism (DOT), but was unsure if they will be following the protocols of other tourist destinations in Palawan, such as Coron and El Nido. 

Subterranean Underground River, one of the prime destinations in Puerto Princesa | image owned by Wassiliy from Getty Images

Both Coron and El Nido require incoming tourists to secure a negative RT-PCR test (swab or saliva), a booking confirmation with a Certificate of Authority to Operate (CATO) accredited accommodation, and itinerary. 

The city officials, however, announced that there would be no more mandatory quarantine and documentary requirements for inbound travelers. 


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