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Photo Ideas for Your Trip to El Nido

01 Sep 2023

El Nido, Palawan is one of the most picturesque destinations in the Philippines. A trip to El Nido is surely...

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The Best Places to Visit in El Nido

23 Aug 2023

 “The water is so blindingly blue it makes the Caribbean Sea look murky in comparison. And the sunsets?...

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How to Survive the Van Transfer from Puerto...

09 Aug 2023

Getting to El Nido is a bit tricky. You can get direct flights through AirSwift, but the airfare and inconsistent...

News and Updates

Philippines named Asia’s leading dive, beach...

09 Sep 2022

MANILA, Philippines — The Philippines was recognized as a leading dive destination and leading beach destination in...

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Philippines Hailed Asia's Leading Beach...

08 Sep 2022

( As much as we love traveling abroad for efficient transportation and well-preserved cultural centers,...

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These Are the Most Instagrammed Beaches in the...

08 Sep 2022

We all do it: step on the beach, post on Instagram. Because if you go on vacation and you don’t post about it, did...

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Cebu Named One of the World's Best Islands

04 Sep 2022

We all know the Philippines is one of the world’s best tropical destinations. Plenty of lists have proven time and...

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10 Best Credit Cards for Travel in the Philippines

19 Aug 2022

Travelers typically don’t hold on to their cash for very long before spending it all on a seat sale, a cute hotel...

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